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Biomaterial Research and Innovation

13 million tons of fabric are wasted each year polluting our ecosystem. This research project focuses on using seaweed to create new biodegradable alternative fabrics. Using seaweed I have created two biodegradable materials. One is cooling, flexible, and mimics the draping movement of fabric, an attribute not seen in bioplastics. The second material is a stretchy thin foam that is a good insulator.

Sewing, Seaweed, Research

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Seaweed Foam Top

Research + Process

My research took place in my kitchen makeshift lab. My goal is to create materials that mimic fiber-based fabrics I use reverse design thinking to create samples. I took in-depth documentation and through iteration, I created 37 materials over 3 months of experimentation. I plan to continue this work so that this material can be in the consumer market.

If you're interested in the material email me (






How it Started

I am inspired by the movement of seaweed forests as it is being pushed and pulled by the ocean. I also wanted to include transparency that naturally appears in nature. 

Cream and Black Modern Mood Board Instagram Story (1900 × 1920 px).png
C-Combinator_Oil Illustration2.jpg

Infograph by Carbonwave

I sketched and designed different garments all feature a body wrap and foam detailing

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