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Swan Hygiene

Mobility Aid

After my aunt broke her arm it affected her physically and mentally when she struggled to do simple tasks like washing her hands. 50,000 people each year in America have upper limb amputations. This Swan Hygiene mobility aid aims to give back autonomy to people with only function in one arm, bring positive energy to a difficult task and prevent sickness through having fun while washing your hands.

Cinema4D, Solidworks, Photoshop, 3D printing, Modeling building


Add water, then add soap to your hand and scrub away. The swan shaped body creates all the edges needed for cleaning the body. There are spots to scrub the fingertips and larger areas for the forearm while the base drains water back into the sink.

Swan scrubber set up 3 .tif
ss arm .jpg
washing close up 1.jpg
Swan scrubber water set up .jpg

Designers have forgotten about 3 Million hand and arm amputees . . . 

So I am designing for . . .

People with musculoskeletal disabilities

That want to have hygiene upkeep 


Washing your hands helps reduce the number of people who get sick from diarrhea by 23-40%

Market Research 


       There is an extreme lack of adaptive handwashing aids. Ableware brush is the only handwashing aid on the market.

Screen Shot 2023-12-16 at 12.10.31 PM.png

       Onearmwonder on Youtube teaches people how to wash their hands. The lack of adaptive handwashing aids forces users to get creative. Handwashing is now an uncomfortable and difficult task.

Pros : 

- Affordable 

- Easy to use 

Cons : 

- Harbors germs

(tooth brushes can up to 10 million bacteria.) 

- Unwelcoming form and name.

Pros : 

- Techniques are accessible to all 

- Affordable 

Cons : 

-Difficult positions 

- Difficult to scrub all parts of the arm and hands.

It Takes Two Hands to Clap

A simple task becomes difficult with one hand.

2 Hands

Soap coverage: 100%

Speed: 15 Seconds

Difficulty : Easy

IMG_4521 copy 2.png
IMG_4521 copy.png



1 Hand

Soap coverage: 55%

Speed: 29 Seconds

Difficulty : Extreme


IMG_4525 copy.png
IMG_4526 copy.png



IMG_4526 copy.png
IMG_4525 copy.png

User Testing


Base stability 

Held the aid in place

Curvy form 

Scrub all surfaces

Soft fabric material 

For cleaner hands 

The Swan Scrubber Is ...

Friendly, Functional and Inviting 

SS exploded view.jpg
IMG_1058.jpg - soap_bubbles_PNG2.png - soap_bubbles_PNG2.png

Creating The Model and Animation

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 12.45.21 PM.png
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