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Gentle solutions

This hairdryer gives users full control over the wind speed, temperature, and volume while making drying your hair a fun game. By encouraging children to dry their hair on their own they learn valuable lessons in independence and motor skills. This hairdryer not only takes the stress away from the child but also the parents who now have a gentle solution to the stressful situation of drying hair.

Cinema 4D, Procreate, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Procreate Oil Clay

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Lightweight and easy to use! Choose a game card and a themed eye spy game is activated. The hairdryer maps imaginary items around your head to find. After finding them all your hair is dry! 


Hairdryer how to steps  copy.jpg

Designers have forgotten blow drying your hair is stressful

So I am designing for . . .

All people with sensory sensitivity 

Who may have weaker motor skills

Allowing them to gain independence and have fun while doing something traditionally stressful


Fun is just one press away 

Simple UI controlled by a short and long press + Insert game card to activate hairdyer


Discover the Process

Redeisgned to be more Gender neutral 

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